Kopkind’s Harvest Fundraising Events

18 09 2009

Orgasm, Inc to have Brattleboro premiere
Presented by The Kopkind Colony
Hooker-Dunham Theater and Gallery
Friday, October 9th, 7pm
139 Main Street, Brattleboro, VT

Patricia Williams, will speak at the Organ Barn
For Kopkind’s Harvest Late Brunch (Tapas Feast)
Sunday, October 11, 2pm
158 Kopkind Rd, Guilford, VT

“A sexy feature-length indictment of big pharma” that gives “a lot of great laughs.”
-The Toronto Star

The Kopkind Colony begins its Harvest Events for Columbus Day Weekend with this year’s film hit from Hot Docs in Toronto, Orgasm, Inc by Vermont filmmaker Liz Canner. The Brattleboro premiere will be screened Friday, October 9th at the Hooker-Dunham Theater at 7pm.

Orgasm, Inc delves into designer vaginas and other true-life tales of the commodification of women’s pleasure centers. This humorous, infuriating, informative documentary explores the corporate greed and outright quackery that women confront in a quest for beauty and sexual pleasure. Over the past decade, the media, in bed with the pharmaceutical industry, have been promoting the idea that 43 percent of US women suffer from “female sexual dysfunction.” Is this a real disease or a fiction in a marketing campaign created by money-hungry companies? With unique access to corporate hacks and flaks, Canner answers that question as she follows medical hucksters peddling dicey “treatments” and drug companies in their race to be the first to win FDA approval for their pill, cream, patch or nose spray intended to help women reach sexual nirvana. Reservations for the film ($10/tkt) can be made by calling 802-254-9276 at the Hooker-Dunham

Also that weekend on Sunday, October 11th at 2pm Kopkind will have its 12th annual Harvest Late Brunch, a Tapas Feast, followed by an important talk entitled “Alien Nation: The Peculiar Politics of Obamatime” by Nation columnist Patricia Williams. Williams, a professor of law at Columbia University, is the author of The Alchemy of Race and Rights and a recipient of a MacArthur Genius Grant. The Tapas feast and talk take place at the Organ Barn at Treefrog Farm in Guilford, Vermont. Reservations for this benefit event are suggested. The price for the Brunch/Talk is $35 but we have a student price of $25 as well as for those who haven’t yet felt the stimulus.

The screening and the brunch are benefits for The Kopkind Colony, which is a living memorial to the great journalist and Guilford resident Andrew Kopkind, who tracked politics and culture for thirty years for publications from Hard Times to The New York Times, The Nation to Esquire, until his death in 1994. The project, which held its first summer session in 1999, puts on seminars and workshops for its resident participants, and free events for the public. Please contact Kopkind Administrator John Scagliotti for reservations and directions at 802.254.4859, or stonewal@sover.net.