Sniffing the Zeitgeist, Winter 2011

15 12 2011

Class K22, 2011

Sniffing the Zeitgeist has be sent to our supporters via the US Mail. If you are not on our list and would like to be added, email John Scagliotti, Administrator of Kopkind, at Below is an excerpt from this year’s edition.

From JoAnn Wypijewski, President of Kopkind and columnist (“Carnal Knowledge”) at The Nation, on the road in Iowa:

A little over a year ago, at Kopkind’s 2010 Harvest event, Vijay Prashad had declared, “What a wonderful time to be alive!” In the crisis, in the rupture, in the cracks, something new can sprout. Something has. It is not the encampments alone or the GA’s alone or the headlines of the day. It is, as Vijay has recently written, “the new political momentum toward a new horizon”. That momentum uplifts the young, the precarious, the unions and community groups, the world of hip hop. It uplifts our politics in a way that won’t be swept away by police eviction squads.

Class K23, 2011

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