Kopkind Remembrance of Alexander Cockburn, Thursday, July 26, 8pm Organ Barn

23 07 2012

For our friends in the Southern Vermont area, where Alexander once lived with Andy, John and Katherine Kilgore  at Treefrog, we will be joining together for an impromtu remembrance around the Organ Barn in Guilford on Thursday (July 26, 8PM) .  We’ll have coffee, tea and some sweets.   Please feel free to email John (stonewal@sover.net) if you need directions to the Organ Barn.  JoAnn says it will be a Hawaiian “Talk-Story.”

Below is a fun moment at Treefrog presenting to those at the party, the birthday convention ticket for President and Vice President, 1984.

John Scagliotti, Kopkind Administrator

The birthday convention ticket for President and VP, August 1984.
l to r: Andy Kopkind, Katerine Kilgore, Alexander Cockburn, John Scagliotti



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