Being Brave & Remembering Pleasure

7 10 2019

Please Join Us on Sunday, October 13, 2019 at 2 pm
for Kopkind’s Annual Harvest Late Brunch Benefit, featuring
Verandah Porche and John Scagliotti in conversation
on Being Brave & Remembering Pleasure:

Thoughts from 50 years, for the next 100 

With earthy fare, and the music of Patty Carpenter

John Scagliotti successfully challenged one form of police entrapment in Massachusetts in the 1970s and became a pioneer in gay radio, television and documentary film. 

Verandah Porche was a pioneer in the commune movement in 1968 and invented “told poetry,” a collaborative form of literature she has been practicing for the past 30 years in nursing homes and mental hospitals, on street corners, and with those recently settled into permanent housing.

In this season dominated by presidential crimes and ambitions, Kopkind is celebrating individual bravery, collective action and the radical power of art. As always, the great questions involve accommodation or rebellion, silence or finding voice, humanity or barbarism. As always, they are personal and political, historical and contemporary. The past lives in the present, and challenges us all to fight for the future — and enlarge the space for joy. Are we up for it?

The Organ Barn at Guilford, 158 Kopkind Rd., Guilford, Vt. 05301

$25, Adults; $10, Students

Reservations or directions:, 802.254.4859



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