Kevin Alexander Gray

8 03 2023

July 1, 1957 – March 7, 2023

With broken hearts and gratitude for the depth and joy he brought to the world, we share the news that our beloved friend and comrade Kevin Gray died suddenly in the late afternoon of Tuesday, March 7, in Columbia, South Carolina. Over the two decades-plus of Kopkind’s camps and special events, Kevin was a mentor (2002 and 2008), a periodic guest for informal talks after dinner, a featured speaker. He was an organizer, a writer, a thinker, a worker, a historian of black life and politics in the South in particular, a lover of music, an encyclopedia of cultural ephemera, a space maker, a beautiful soul. His life was bigger than any bio can contain, as this interview for the Julian Bond Oral History Project attests.

We may have more to say down the road. When words fail, there is music.



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